Hezekiah - I Predict a Riot (2007) Album


Um clássico de 2007! Cd bom de ponta a ponta! Enjoy!

01-the beginning (feat. muhsinah)
02-wild and wreckless
03-if one falls (feat. eleon)
04-that filling (feat. freeway)
05-looking up (feat. bilal)
06-single now
07-lets get involved (feat. jamal)
08-bombs over here
09-definition of a bitch (lude)
10-i see yaw (feat. jaguar wright)
11-i.p.a.r. (lude)
12-moments in sometime (feat. aaron livingston)
13-i predict a riot (feat. keziah and shon burgundy)
14-freak (lude)
15-gotta love it (feat. tarentz moreese)
16-ghetto people (feat. richard raw,chief kamachi & state store)
17-afo (lude)
18-mushinah (outro)

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